Monday, October 31, 2016

in the shadow of the Moomin – Swedish Radio

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At the Millesgarden museum in Stockholm, opened the last weekend of the exhibition Tove Jansson – the Desire to create and live. It is a traveling exhibition organized by the Museum of fine arts Atenuem in Helsinki produced when two years ago celebrated the Tove Jansson 100 years with a jätteutställning. At Millesgården, it is, for natural reasons, a different scale, but the direction is the same: to show the breadth of the Artist’s oeuvre and that at the side of the beloved Muminteckningarna is a graphic artist who is less known.

another part of the Tove Jansson activity, which is also been overlooked is her “non-Moomin-vuxenromaner” and then, more specifically, the almost forgotten sun city (1974), a novel set in the united states, is about aging and that the next year is given out in Sweden again.

Kulturredaktionens Nina Asarnoj with Philip Teir, who writes for, among other things, Hufvudstadsbladet and Dagens Nyheter, talk with the P1′s Måns Hirschfeldt about Tove Jansson in the shadow of the Moomin.


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