Saturday, October 29, 2016

Magnus to Where’s the music – Folkbladet

Magnus Carlson is an experienced artist who is now both a solo artist and the lead singer in the WeepingWillows. In the beginning of the next year, he will release an album in Swedish. In the evening it is time for him to get his songs interpreted by artists Little Jinder, Tommy Nilsson, Jill Johnson, Danny Saucedo and Lisa Ekdahl in “So much better” on TV4.

Magnus Carlson has over 150 concerts per year in the spine and is located behind the quantities of the album. When WeepingWillows-the album “Broken Promise Land” celebrating 20 years next year marks the band to do two jubileumskonserter on the same day in the Ericsson Globe, together with the Gävle symphony Orchestra.

” When we first decided to try to play in the mighty Ericsson Globe, we were scared that we have taken water over your head. But as we already now, due to the large interest, have to add a concert, so one has to pinch themselves in the arm!, says Magnus Carlson, the lead singer of WeepingWillows in a press release about the concert.

Other artists who are ready for the showcase-festivalenWhere’s The Music of the Norwegian pop singer ARY, americanadoftnade Ellen Sundberg, the onset indiekvartettenHater, Leslie Tay, who together with Cherrie had a hit with their version of "Nobody else touches me like you", slackerpopakten Magic Potion and the old WeMetTomorrow-singer Richard Smitt.


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