Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dylan’s silence about to get the Nobel prize – financial times

at lunchtime on Thursday was awarded the Nobel prize in literature.

But the prize-winner Bob Dylan said not a word.

According to the artist, the agent shall Dylan to know that he received the award.

At lunchtime on Thursday was awarded the musician and songwriter Bob Dylan, 75, the Nobel prize in literature.

Already told the Swedish Academy the permanent secretary of the Sara Danius that they do not got a hold of the winner of the prize.

Even in the night, Bob Dylan has still not commented on its price. According to one of the singer’s agents, he should know that he had received the Nobel prize.

the record Label, Columbia Records promised earlier in the evening that the "shortly" would go out with a press release, but this was not published throughout the Thursday.

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Someone who is not, however, kept quiet united states president Barack Obama.

"Congratulations to one of my favoritpoeter, Bob Dylan, for a välförtjänat price", Obama writes on Twitter, and links to a playlist of Dylan songs.

Also artistkollegan Bruce Springsteen congratulated Dylan with a piece from his book "Born to run".

"He inspired me and gave me hope", said the Boss.

Early Friday morning, Swedish time, play Bob Dylan at The Chelsea in Las Vegas. His current tour ends on november 23 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It means that the artist does not have any gig when it is time for the nobel Banquet in Stockholm on 10 december. But whether the winner pops up is still unclear.

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