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No traditional superhero in Doctor Strange – Göteborgs-Posten

Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role, in combination with Tilda Swinton in an equally important role give this movie a british touch, a bit of the old James Bond style, which I like. Good, it is also that Marvel Studios does not recycle superheroes (kind of Iron Man, Spiderman and so on) as we have already seen too much of but actually comes with a protagonist that is new to most people, even if I for order’s sake, to point out that serietidningsfiguren Doctor Strange was introduced in 1963.

Skådespelarförutsättningarna is on top

Londonkillen Cumberbatch as I said. He was last year academy-award-nominated for The imitation Game, but mostly, he is known for his eccentric portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in tv series Sherlock. Swinton, although she was born in London, associate it primarily with independent films, but sometimes she shows up in the hit the big time (probably to get together to pay the rent).
Involved in Doctor Strange makes even Chiwetel Ejiofor (oscar nominated for 12 years a slave), Rachel McAdams (True detective), and, a little unexpectedly, Mads Mikkelsen, so skådespelarförutsättningarna is on top.

Well, the game from Cumberbatch and Swinton are of a high class forward to the visual effects, more or less twisted right off from Christopher Nolan’s Inception and the siblings Wachowskis the Matrix movies, it becomes primary for director Scott Derrickson. It is actually a bit of a shame and completely unnecessary.

the Film, which has an expected Doctor Strange from the beginning-approach, will be relatively quiet. Neurosurgeon Stephen Strange is egofixerad, sarcastic, brilliant, and arrogant. He is rich as a troll and has a knastertorrt sense of humor. He knows everything there is to know about modern pop music and it also has a photographic memory.

Lose sensation in both hands

Everything changes when the Strange after a car crash (one of the film’s most spectacular scenes) lose sensation in both hands. No surgery will help. Strange is on the verge of a deep depression, but then he gets a tip to take to Kathmandu.
Where outplayed the film’s second act. Strange hits buddhistmunken The ancient/The ancient one (Swinton) and may learn to perform magic and astral projection, at the same time he must beware of the Dark dimension. Now begins datoranimeringen take a lot of place, but the film is still made with the right twinkle in his eye.

the Film’s third and final act is a far too protracted battle between the forces of good and evil. Mikkelsen plays the dramas bad guy Kaecilius.

Doctor Strange differs a tad from the previous Marvelfilmerna in and with that the Strange is not a traditional superhero. Fuzzy, the worse it gets first at the end, but Stranges very last magic list is clearly fun, as he shows how you can drive someone to madness.

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