Thursday, October 13, 2016

Celebrity criticism of Dylan as a nobel prize – financial times

the Swedish Academy think he is a great poet.

But the Swedish celebrity a-list saw the election of Bob Dylan, 75, as the nobel prize winner in literature.

– he wins does not make me angry. It’s just that it doesn’t play any role at all, ” says megafanet Fredrik Wikingsson, 43.

the News briserade at noon on Thursday: artist and songwriter Bob Dylan to receive the Nobel prize in literature in 2016.

the Swedish Academy describes him as a man who "writes the inner poetry".

“He has created a new poetic expression in the great american song tradition,” said the Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary, Sara Danius during a press conference at the old stock exchange in Stockholm.

But all is not agree on the choice of the winner is brilliant.

– It is strange how many “congratulations” text messages I received from friends. It is not that I have been at Leicester and won the league. This doesn’t matter for me at all. Some people who like Dylan might be thinking that their tastes are now accepted by the sums of money. But it shits well I’m in. I am so damn comfortable in my worship of him. He win does not make me angry. It’s just that it doesn’t play any role at all, ” says tv-profile Fredrik Wikingsson, 43, who is a inbitet Dylan fan since many years back. SEE ALSO PLUS Here is the artist’s unexpected cameos

"don’t Know what competitors he had"

makes sense?

” I can’t answer. I don’t know what competitors he had.

In social media saw more well-known swedes in the Swedish Academy’s choice.

"the Sickest I’ve heard. Any kind of book, perhaps one should have as a basic requirement?", writes the comedian Magnus Betnér, 41 on Twitter.

He continues the criticism:

"The closest are the winners I should have had the full track of I will ever get so I have zero. How the hell did that happen?".

But not everyone agrees with the criticism. Artist Tomas Ledin was happy, but not surprised, of the Swedish Academy’s choice.

– Extremely gratifying. I thought about it during the morning: is not it time for Bob now? he says.

He thinks that poppionjären deserves the award.

– Here we are talking about an artist who revolutionized the entire popular culture and how a song can be. And moved from kärlekstexter with a tonårsperspektiv and took in the whole of contemporary life, society and politics. He has a private expression and a language of his own. There is no one who wrote the lyrics as he before its. SEE ALSO the Internet is boiling over after the announcement – see the reactions

"People like it so much,"

Bob Dylan was awarded the polar music prize in 2010, and received it with moderate enthusiasm. Artist Louise Hoffsten, 51, hoping for more responses this time.

” When I heard about it, I was happy for his sake, and I hope that he is happier than when he received the polar music prize.

the Choice has received some criticism, what do you think about it?

” People like it so much. I am glad for his sake.

Aunt Hasslessinger Kajsa Dawned, 55, is also positive.

” It is great fun. I have listened very much on him and drowned in his in his songs and lyrics since I was thirteen. It is fun to see it as literature, it is not usual rocktexter. His lyrics to the music is hugely rich and dynamic, ” she says.

How do you react to the criticisms that he was awarded the prize?

” can you discuss, it is interesting to talk about the sung texts are literature. I think of course that it is also literature because it is a linguistic form of expression. He receives the prize is courageous, lovely, but feel free to continue this discussion, I think that is good, lovely.

Artist mick hucknall, 56 is surprised but happy over the news.

"Fun, but weird but funny but weird but fun either way but a little weird it is, but most of all, fun. Congratulations Mr. Dylan," she writes on Twitter. SEE ALSO Bob Dylan to receive the Nobel prize – 'great unity'


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