Monday, October 24, 2016

Lotta Engberg called Christer Sjögren’s wife – Aftonbladet

Fifteen years after their widely publicized infidelity called Lotta Engberg home to Christer Sjögren.

But it was not the Christer she wanted to talk with. Lotta asked him to hand over the handset to his wife, Birgitta, he writes in the new book.

in 1991 briserade the news of their infidelity in the headlines.

Christer Sjögren, 66, Lotta Engberg, 53, was having an affair. In the new book "I am Allowed to tell you – Kramgoa memories from Christer’s garage," he writes to Lotta called home to him, and asked to talk with Birgitta Sjögren, fifteen years later. The call turned out to be an act of peace.

“”Lotta is a nice girl and she wanted to hear with me if I had something against you two go on tour together.“” SEE ALSO PLUS Christer Sjögren said no to “So much better” – two times

Was faced

It was in the late 1990s as Engberg and Sjögren fell for each other, during the work with the duet, “the Future of the bridge”. Christer began to lie to Bridget – all in order to get time to hang out with Lotta.

After two months, he was confronted by his wife.

“you don’t Think I understand that you have another? It is Lotta, huh? Lotta, fucking four bug Engberg!”"

finally found the Christer and Birgitta back to each other.

"Many chances to vuxenmys"

According to him, the deal with Lotta, the one and only time he vänsterprasslat, despite the idog present from the fans. After the Vikings ‘ plays waited for the efterfestsugna women at the stage door, writes Christer in the book.

"So, yes, I have had many chances to vuxenmys if I wanted to," he writes in the book "I am Allowed to tell you". SEE ALSO the Truth about their friendship.


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