Friday, October 28, 2016

Dylan: ”Come to Stockholm, sweden – if I can” – Aftonbladet

Finally! This year’s nobel Laureates Bob Dylan announces that he accepts the price and come to Stockholm to receive it – if he can.

on Tuesday, twelve days after he was announced as the winners of the prize, he called to the Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary Sara Danius.

News of the price made me speechless, ” said Dylan, according to a press release from the Nobel foundation.

Bob Dylan has made his first official statement after being announced as this year’s recipient of the Nobel prize in literature.

In an exclusive interview with the british newspaper the Telegraph, he asked if he plans to pop up in Stockholm to receive the prize.

Dylan responds cryptically:

” Absolutely, if it is at all possible.

According to the reporter Edna Gunderson lets Dylan happy about the award.

– It is difficult to make.

” Amazing, incredible. Who can dream of such a thing? he continues.

Spoke with Sara Danius of the week

At 23 o’clock on Friday evening published the Nobel foundation in a press release. It appears that Bob Dylan has now been in direct contact with the Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary Sara Danius.

They spoke at earlier in the week, ” says the nobel Foundation’s communications director Annika Pontikis to Aftonbladet.

In the press release shows that Dylan was delighted when he was told that he received the award.

– the News of the Nobel prize made me speechless, ” he said to Sara Danius according to the press release.

In the nobel Foundation’s press release, which can be read in its entirety here, reveals that it is not yet completely decided whether or not Bob Dylan is coming to Stockholm.


Dylan seems road of the resurrection that prevailed on his silence after the announcement. He could not just have picked up the phone and answered? wonder The telegraph’s reporter.

“Well, I’m here,” he says a bit annoyingly, as if it was only for the Swedish Academy to call.

Dylan provides no further explanation as to why he has been difficult to obtain.

the Author and akademiledamoten Per Wästberg has previously said that it was "rude and arrogant" by Bob Dylan not to say anything after the announcement.

” well, It wasn’t unexpected. He seems very sturig and reluctant so I was not surprised, ” said Wästberg to SVT’s culture news.

Danius: "Choose for yourself"

the Permanent secretary Sara Danius quickly responded to Wästbergs words were his personal opinion and not an official statement from the Swedish Academy.

"A writer who has been appointed to the nobel prize winners are free to choose how he or she will relate to the ceremonies associated with the awarding of the prize. The Swedish Academy has never had feedback on any recipients decision in this regard will not have it this time, no matter what is decided," wrote Danius in a press release.


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