Sunday, October 16, 2016

Marcus & Martinus to Gothenburg, sweden – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Nöjestelegram After two sold-out Globenspelningar – now, add the Marcus & Martinus to further a storspelning, in the Scandinavium arena. Now released more tickets to the shows in Stockholm.

there Is no end to the Marcus & Martinus success? For a month then sold the tickets to the duo’s two shows at the Globe end in a day. And now the 14-year-old Norwegian succétvillingarna ready for a gig at the Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg on march 10.

the Tickets are released on October 22. Promoter Live Nation also announced that it is now being released extrabiljetter to the duo’s two shows in Stockholm on February 11.

Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen has had the closest to the unlikely success since their breakthrough in 2012 when they won the Melodi Grand Prix junior, the Norwegian equivalent to Lilla Melodifestivalen. The debut album "Hei" was released in the last year and the video for the single "Electric" has over 31.5 million vissningar on Youtube.

the New album "Together", which, unlike the debut, has lyrics in English, and released on 4 november. Prior to that they pop up as guests on the Swedish "Idol"-the final in Globen in Stockholm on 9 december.


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