Friday, October 28, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch good as superhero – Sveriges Radio

They have their fans, Morran and Tobias, who previously appeared in the Swedish Television. This is a scratchy, släpigt mother and son pair. He is 39 years old and have not yet moved away from home. She shuffles around in lounging clothes and looks most of all looking forward to the next cig. They live in what seems to be a rivningskåk and a junkyard.

Robert Gustafsson makes Tobias and Johan Rheborg Morran. Here we have two talented comedian and actor in a film, which I think lacks the warmth that could have made this bearable.

Morran and Tobias: A gift from above feels the most like a pretty shitty movie about two odd characters, where Tobias gives mother Morran electric shock, sending her into the wall with compressed air and spikes her on the same wall with the nail gun and like that it continues. There is no limit to the humiliation. She stands up, and pöser around in their strange clothes and smokes a cig. My rating will be one.

Trolls is a computer-animated movie with the old eastern bloc small cheeky goblin singing, dancing and hugging until one day when the greater evil trolls want to eat them up. A bit into the movie, I wish they did it – ate them.

There were children in the theater when I saw Trolls and some of them thought it was great, so you may take my review with a grain of salt.

I think it is intolerable to hear the little trolls sing the hits in an artificial way.

None of this would have been recorded if it were not for that it would in the movie and at the same time dancing and stepping for over an hour and a half.

My highest personal score will be one. But check out the trailer if you think it may be something for your children.

this Week’s best movie is Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch as the sjävcentrerade and kylige the surgeon who will be supehjälte and to save the earth.

I have a hard time for this superhjältefilmerna from Marvel, where large parts of the film consists of a battle between good and evil, and where the super powers make the tension disappear.

But Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch and a really good introduction in which he gets to show off his fine spectacle. The effects are there others that do Doctor Strange special, they are better looking and smarter than most of the time in technology. Therefore I give a four in the ratings for Doctor strange.

the Story is no masterpiece, but the actors and the visuals make it stand out and gets a weak four.

the Day after this is a French mid-life crisis movie. Isabelle Huppert is doing the female lead who gets to see her man leave her for another woman. What will she do when, after 25 years of life together? She choose to continue their everyday life, and spiced it with a visit with a former student, an intellectual guy who moved out of the country with some friends.

But this is not the big emotions film. There is a discussion of the author and choices in life and trudge on. My beryg to the Day after this becomes a sagging third.

Isabelle Huppert is, as usual, worth seeing, but this feels too convenient.

United States of love is a Polish film, if the Poland of 1990, with the new freedom in gråbleka colors. We follow four women who want to have love, they are stuck in a boredom that they want to abandon, but there are no easy solutions. the United states of love tells the closest to the cold and the humiliation as the four women are subjected to feel the most hopeless. My score to United states of love gets a second.


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