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Tv-the farmer Erik’s anger against Linda Lindorff – Expressen

After the evening’s program of “Farmer seeks wife” criticizes the farmer Erik Bäckman, 21, TV4.

This is after it in the program seemed as if he and the farmer Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, had a hot night together.

The worst part is how Linda moulds it on their blog and how they write about the program, ” he says.

“Farmer seeks wife”-participants Erik Bäckman, 21, and Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, became the major snackisarna after tonight’s episode.

At the beginning of the program got viewers to see how the tv host Linda Lindorff came into the Sigrids hotel room, where also the Erik found himself.

Now criticise the 21-year-old production for this event as he had had a passionate night together with Sigrid. He says that the entire situation is blown.

” We spent a night together, but not in the way. I had just been able to spend a night together with Per on the way, ” he says.

– When it has not happened anything, why make such a big deal out of it? They just want ratings.

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the 21-year-old criticises the production and tv host Linda Lindorff.

The worst part is how Linda moulds it on their blog and how they write about the program. There, she writes that the sex comes early in the year and I think it is terribly wrong that she is writing as. It is still a family program and you express yourself not the way they do, and it does not take care of their attendees so that it does.

do you Regret that you asked up in the “Farmer seeks wife”?

” I really do.

– I would not recommend to anyone to be in the program, ” says Erik.

Erik Bäckman critical to TV4

In the program speak both Erik Bäckman and Sigrid Bergåkra about what happened with the host Linda Lindorff.

“It was really the worst part, I think,” says Erik, and continues:

” They will instormandes with a camera crew and then we’ll start answering questions. No preparation, nothing. Then it is clear that it becomes set against the wall, you never know quite what to say.

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Erik Bäckman do not think that the production dealt with the farmers on the right way.

” Without us, they had not had a program at all, and then to evaluate us after it and try to get us to feel as good as possible. But it was not their highest priority, but it was to get ratings.

” It is well that they want to have the Crystal now maybe, that’s what they’re aiming for.

TV4′s response

Clara Tengbom is the producer of “Farmer seeks wife” and respond to criticism. She believes that Sigrid and Erik themselves told about the incident for the production and TV4 wanted to talk about it for their sake. According to her, it is not produced in any other way than what the farmers themselves tell in the program.

” of Course the participants confidence important to us and we always try to have a dialogue with them about what happens, and like Erik, not that we lived up to it in this case feels it’s as I said boring.

Linda Lindorff commenting on the criticism in his blog.

“I think so clear that it is very sad that Erik is disappointed in the production, and the situation. I have tremendous respect for all the farmers through all the years, and not least a great big love to all of them.”


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