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Weiner the Highest score – endless fascinating political suicide – Svenska Dagbladet

Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg
Huma Sajjad, Anthony Weiner
1hr 36 min

From the age of 15.

Score: 6 of 6

We live in a political world: so the author of this year’s Laureates in literature. In the political world there is no place for love. The faceless men commit crimes in secret. There is cheating and manipulated: the deck is prepared and no one to keep watch over the business.

But the question is well if not Dylan himself, in this respect, living in the past, or possibly in an illusion he shares with Donald Trump, which is now beginning to blame his pending valnederlag in a rigged system. It is not a lack of verksamhetstillsyn or secrecy that is the problem, it is rather the contrary. In fact, they live most of us in a completely medialiserad world in which politics is waging a tvåfrontskrig as the skändligen lose.

On the one hand, we have the economic realities in the form of globalization and other things that make the national policy in large parts of business. When the working class no longer have a job and no longer represent a class, is eroding the foundation of the ideological dramaturgy, which is replaced by intimacy, personality, and various confidence-building moves. And when – on the other hand – the digital mediemaskineriet to weed away all that is not at least trying to look like entertainment, forced the policy to adapt and present himself as a sort of eternal grinding, low-intensity song contest where the contestant with the regular intervals set in the tv and draw their choruses before a panel of arbiters.

In the light of the political scandal a brand-new luster. Part of that is the scandal the perfect tool to puncture the counterparty’s credibility without the need to get tangled up in something so mardrömstråkigt as political issues, both sell it like nothing else. Give me a yummy scandal and I’ll give you clicks, so that the sound keeps the neighbors awake at night. And skandalernas king in american politics in recent years is the democratic congressman, later, the move is seen in New York, Anthony Weiner, who has jokes away opponents and reflective media consumers the world over with no less than three spicy scandals during the short period of time, or if you want to: a single long drawn-out scandal in three spectacular installations.

After the second scandal – Anthony Weiner holds press conference with his wife Huma Sajjad. Photo: Daniel Shapiro/IBL

It is not possible to tear your gaze from the misery.

the Movie "Weiner" are both exemplary and unique – exemplary in the sense that there is no policy at all, but just taktiserande, pf and crisis management. And unique in the sense that here we can actually follow how a scandal – the second in the order – to develop and explode both from outside and inside. Weiner himself is so anxious to show himself that he is giving the camera almost unlimited access to the campaign that the family, both in the office as at home in the apartment. It is painful – for real – to see the film: how significantly afflicted Weiners poor wife, Hillary Clinton’s close confidante Huma Sajjad, is in every moment of need to play both in the campaign and in the film. It is painful to see how Weiner with his well-oiled gull get poor people to hope for something better when you yourself are sitting with the key on hand. But it is endlessly fascinating. It is not possible to tear your gaze from the misery.

Weiner has thus been forced to leave the us congress in 2011 after sending out pictures of their skrevbula in a pair of grey underpants to women he has never met. Now it is 2013 and time for a comeback. He deserves a second chance, he thinks. He wants to be mayor of New York city, and he drags around on a film crew to document his revenge. But he will do it again! New pictures. And sexchattande with a heavily tattooed stripper, who is not dumber than she is airing publicity. While Weiners employees and the wife suffers severe pangs.

He is committing political suicide with their mobile phone in a transparent way. No one can understand or explain the extent of his narcissism and self-destructive behaviour. It is a tragedy, and at the same time, a black farce. And what we are reminded is, among much else, that the spotlight really is an addictive drug, that it is unwise to uncritically buy their own marketing, and that our own appetite for cheap entertainment makes that policies are drowning in the poop.


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