Thursday, October 27, 2016

P3 gold celebrates 15 years – in the Partille arena – Expressen

When the P3 gold to celebrate its 15-year anniversary, leaving the Scandinavium arena behind him – and select the Partille arena.

There will be live music and awards ceremony with veteran Tina Mehrafzoon in the tip.

– FINALLY I get and all the other music fans pay tribute to Swedish music, ” she says to Radio Sweden.

On 21 January 2017, the focus moves to all the music lovers to the san jose arena when the P3 Gold celebrates anniversary.

the Gala will with pomp and ceremony led by the host of the show Tina Mehrafzoon, which, for the third time, in the gala.

Usually you hear the host of the show at Musikguiden I P3, where she has worked since 2013.

the Gala will be broadcast live in both P3 Sveriges Radio and BBC1 at 21:00

– FINALLY I get and all the other music fans pay tribute to Swedish music in Sweden’s absolutely best-looking gala! Even heart pounding in a completely different pace during the P3 Gold and it is the highlight of the year, ” says Tina Mehrafzoon to the Radio.

Than you don’t want to reveal which artists will perform at the gala. Who will be nominated to the nine prizes will be awarded, presented during the Friday, 28 november.

– this time we thought it would be exciting with a brand new arena, and san jose, the arena feels very good and has the correct prerequisite for a production of the P3 gold size, ” says the P3 Gold project Maths Broborg.

Everything starts at 17:00 with a pre-party, with profiles, quizz live music and pepper before the real feast.

the Arena is also easily accessible for the audience, both from the Gothenburg area, and for those who will travel outside. says Maths Broborg.

the Event is a collaboration between Swedish Radio, Partille arena and Göteborg & Co.

Tickets are now out for all music lovers who want to secure themselves a place at the gala.


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