Wednesday, October 12, 2016

After the peasants ‘ hot kärleksnatt: ”Regret what happened” – Aftonbladet

Sudden passion arose in the "Farmer seeking wife" and the peasants Sigrid Bergåkra and Erik Bäckman chose to spend a night together.

In retrospect, wish Erik Bäckman that he had acted differently.
– I regret what happened, ” he says.

this Year’s speed-dating in "Farmer seeks wife" took an unexpected turn. After a challenging day with a lot of nervousness fell two of the peasants to each other. The passion took over and Sigrid Bergåkra, 43, Erik Bäckman, 21, spent the night together at Sundbyholm castle, where they met their respective correspondents earlier on the same day.

– In any way, there was space for us to become more than just friends. Both he and I think I needed to hug and get close and it is not possible to hide the fact that there were feelings, ” says Sigrid Bergåkra in the program.

– We got feelings for each other and we are adults people and was the singles at the time, ” says Erik Bäckman to Nöjesbladet.

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"don’t Want to force any"

After kärleksnatten got two farmers sit in individual discussions with the presenters Linda Lindorff who wanted to find out how the program would go on.
– Mainly, I wanted to know that the farmers themselves come to some form of joint decision. We don’t want to force someone who is not ready for love to begin dating correspondents. It had been so, that they wanted each other and were secure in their own happiness, so, we had been thinking about, ” says Linda Lindorff.

In the program decides both Erik and Sigrid for not continuing to meet, in spite of the passion that has arisen between them. Instead they choose to continue under the programkonceptet and devote themselves to their respective correspondents.

– In some ways it feels like that to each other well. It is nice to think about another person so much that you hope that he is really to find this lovely girl. And give him it. I think felt will be worth as much, in some respects, also. To let go of. And to think that he is not for me, he is made for someone else and will have a wonderful life, ” says Sigrid Bergåkra.

"Was very confused"

In retrospect, wish Erik Bäckman that he had acted differently.
– I regret that that happened. I was very confused, then just over the situation and how it was. Had I been able to make it undone so had I done it, ” he says.

Sigrig Bergåkra repent, however, are not.
– No. I think you might regret that you would have acted in a different way to approach that case, ” she says.

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