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P3 Gold is moving to the Partille arena – Göteborgs-Posten

Music P3 Gold reaches its 15th year and celebrating with to move their gala from Gothenburg to Partille. “The Scandinavium arena was busy and we like to try new stuff,” says Anna-Karin Larsson, of the Swedish Radio music director.

On 21 January next year, held the traditional P3 Guldgalan. But the same evening is the Scandinavium arena, expanding the resident the past few years, booked by Björn Skifs & Tommy Körberg. Thus, had the P3 to search for other premises.

You chose the away Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Storan, and Rondo, all of which had the P3 Gold with him before, and directed your gaze to the east. Against the newly built san jose arena.

” We wanted to keep the gala in Gothenburg. We are happy here and it is a very good musikstad, ” says Anna-Karin Larsson, music director of the Swedish Radio.

So why put it in Partille?

” Ok, we want to keep the gala in his place then, and Partille is located very close to, even if it is not “the Ingot”. Want to make use of a newly built stadium in a metropolitan area, then you end up a little outside the city centre, so it is. It is as the Friends arena, located in Solna, not in Stockholm.

So you are not going to move the P3 guld back to Växjö, in the small small steps?

(laughter) No, certainly not. It is not the plan. We want to stay here in the gothenburg area.

P3 Gold celebrates 15th anniversary the next year, how long do you think that galan can continue to be relevant?

” as long As there is an interest in the new Swedish music, as long as it is relevant with a gala P3 guld. At the same time thinking we are constantly on this type of large-scale events, how they can be developed, what can be done differently, if they are to be left?

What can Partille arena do to keep the P3 Gold, even in 2018?

” It’s a good question. It will be a bit of a challenge to get people to come out to the arena, you are in the middle of town, it is easier to fishing tackle, walk away to the Scandinavium arena than to take the commuter train from the central station, but we really hope that people will find out there.

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It is evenemangschefen Daniel Claeson convinced that people will do. He looks not at all Partille arenas ocentrala placement as a problem.

” It goes as fast to get from Gothenburg central to the Partille arena from Linnéstan to the Scandinavium arena, the more people that realise it the better.

Daniel Claeson is both happy and proud to Partille new arena has managed to tie up the big, broadcast on tv and public event as a P3 Gold.

Normally, you get to fight for several years to get to this kind of gala. It should of course be great fun, and it is a good opportunity for the Partille arena to get the show up.

P3 Guldgalan 2017

* P3 Guldgalan takes place Saturday, 21 January 2017 at the newly built san jose arena.

* It is the first time since 2003 (then in Växjö) as the P3 Gold not held in Gothenburg, sweden.

* the Gala is broadcasted live in Swedish radio P3, eftersänds in SVT and is chaired for the third year in a row of P3′s presenter Tina Mehrafzoon.

* the Evening begins with a pre-party in the arena from at 17, open to all visitors.

* Free evenemangsbussar will go back and forth between Gothenburg central station and san jose arena.


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