Monday, October 17, 2016

The Swedish Academy has stopped looking for Dylan – Expressen

the Swedish Academy has discontinued the search, the nobel Laureate, Bob Dylan.

This is according to permanent secretary Sara Danius for the Program.

“Right now we do nothing,” she says to the program.

In the last Thursday announced the Swedish Academy to musician Bob Dylan is this year’s recipient of the Nobel prize in literature. Since then it has been quiet from the artist.

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Bob Dylan has not commented at all. However, someone has retweetat a couple of messages from his official twitter account, where it appears that he is this year’s winner. The academy’s permanent secretary Sara Danius tell to the Program that they have contact with a close associate of Dylan, but that they don’t do anything further to get the confirmation from the winner.

” We sit still in the boat and I’m not worried, I have a feeling that Bob Dylan can get. It is a feeling I could be wrong, it is, of course, if he does not do it. But in such cases, the award is his and we can, in a way not to take responsibility for what happens now, he does not want to come so he does not want to come. It will be a big party anyway and the award is, as said, his and that is what is important, ” she says to the Program.

Danius states that she is not worried about Dylan’s silence:

” I’m not at all worried, I have a feeling that he will hear. It does not worry me at all, ” she says to the radio programme.

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Sara Danius states that she received a "friendly response" from Dylan’s employees. But she would not comment on what information she and the Academy have been received.

According to the Washington Post, who has spoken with several people in Bob Dylan’s proximity, talked to the musician at all, if the price after the announcement on Thursday.

“He may not even recognize it,” says singer Bob Neuwirth, one of Bob Dylan’s friends told the newspaper.


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