Monday, October 24, 2016

Conflagration in apartment houses in Motala, sweden – Aftonbladet

A conflagration broke out in an apartment house in Motala, sweden on Monday.

the Fire started in one apartment and spread to large parts of the building.

Now, the suspect the police that a teenage girl made a fire, writes Corren.

Just before 10.30 am contacted the police in Östergötland by the emergency services.

Then burned heavily in an apartment in an apartment block in Motala, sweden.

Emergency services Eastern Region indicate that the strong fire started in an apartment in tvåvåningshuset.

No injuries

the Fire should then be spread to the wind.

– We have three units on site that are there and fighting, ” said Anders Finn, internal command at the emergency, then.

There are four apartments in the house and all the residents came out. No one was hurt.

Police suspect that a teenage girl made a fire, said Corren.

– We consider the fire as resolved. A teenage girl for some reason caused the fire. She is now taken care of by the social authorities, ” says Jan Braf, the on duty officials qualified to the newspaper.

the Girl reported to be younger than 15 years and thus has not reached the criminal age.

the Roof collapsed

An hour after the fire started, stated to the police that the entire upstairs was in flames and that there was a risk that the whole house burns down.

” We are at the place with two patrols. It has established a notification about the arson. It is the standard when it comes to residential buildings that are burning, said Björn Öberg, police presstalesperson, then.

According to the emergency services has now had to discontinue the fire fighting inside the property, because the risk of the race becoming too large. The fire has spread to large parts of the house and the roof has already collapsed, russia’s emergency services on its website.


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