Sunday, October 30, 2016

Magnus Carlson: ”I wanted to help Håkan Hellström” – Aftonbladet

Magnus Carlson did not believe that Håkan hellström’s music would make success.

He decided to help, despite the fact that hindsight is not needed.
– I am glad that I was wrong, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

In the second episode of "So much better” tells the Magnus Carlson when he met the Håkan Hellström for the first time. In a studio in Gothenburg. Magnus Carlson would record a private album on the Swedish and Hellström mixed their album "Feel no grief for me Gothenburg" which came out in the year 2000. They presented to each other and began dating. When Magnus Carlson heard the song "Now you can get me so easily" he started to cry, ” he tells us in the program.
– I thought it was the best song I heard in my entire life. What a shame that no one will hear this song, I thought. But that was not the case, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

"Would help Håkan"

Carlson thought that hellström’s music was too odd to be popular outside the indiekretsar, ” he says. Therefore, he decided to try to make advertising for Hellström via his own upcoming album.
– For right then was the Weeping Willows pretty hot. Our records were number one on the charts. It was a pretty big deal that I would make a record in Swedish. Then I thought that I would help Håkan there was so much talk about my album.

all Said and done. Hellström and his colleague Timo Räisänen left in a loop from the "Feel no grief for me Gothenburg" at the end of Carlson’s song, "The worst of all".
– on the other hand, there was a cursor, a historical thing, that we are doing this at the same time right now. And partly it was that I would help Håkan. This would be my single. Then you could as well as namedroppa Håkan all the time in interviews to help him.


But Håkan Hellström needed no help. His slice was more listened to than Magnus Carlson.
– Yes, but it is not that I am bitter. I just wanted to make a record in Swedish on a whim. Håkans disc is fantastic. It’s perhaps one of the best records made in Sweden. I’m glad I was wrong.

It sounds like you begrudge him that?
– Yes, a thousand million, stjärnstopp times. Håkan is the best I know.


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