Saturday, October 29, 2016

Magnus Carlson in tears after freddie’s and henryk’s song – Aftonbladet

Freddie got to play in an interpretation of the Weeping Willows song "Broken promise land" before he died.

When Magnus Carlson hear the song in the Saturday’s episode of "So much better", he breaks together.

“But it was good to cry, for it will be deflated,” he says to Nöjesbladet.

In the second episode of "So much better" it is Magnus Carlson day. Suddenly will alert Tommy Nilsson in his glass and announces to the performers to hear a låttolkning of Freddie Wadling who passed away just before the program would start recording.

Freddie had chosen to interpret the song "Broken promise land" and managed to record it.

– It is the Weeping Willows the national anthem you could say. We end all of our concerts with it. It is our biggest song, I think, and it is the song I’ve sung the most times in my life and never tire of doing it, ” says Magnus Carlson to Nöjesbladet.


the Band had time to rehearse the song with Freddie once before he died. When the tones sounded over the dining table breaks Magnus Carlson together. The tears flowing at the same time as artistkollegan Josefine "Little Jinder" Jinder keep him in the hand.

” It was a real fucking rollercoaster. But it was the whole of the day. But it was good to cry, for it will be empty. It is important to cry.

Magnus Carlson thinks that freddie’s and henryk’s interpretation was similar to Roy Orbison in the music, ” he says.
– And Freddie knew that I love Roy Orbison. We shared this interest together and so he had done my song in such a version. I think he had meant it as a gift to me that I might like it. Therefore, it feels extra nice.

"Is sad"

He also comment that he thought in a similar way with their interpretation of the freddie’s and henryk’s music.

When he and I recognized each other, we did it as a thing between him and me, I have noticed now. We had thought the same. It would be quite intimate between him and me, so it is incredibly sad that he could not be with.

Magnus Carlson has seen the episode in advance and chose to look at it together with his family.
– I have a two year old and an eight-year-old. Åttaåringen got to see grandma and grandpa, so it was very strong, but then we got an opportunity to talk about it and I had to explain why I was crying and that it was not because someone was shitty to me, but to love. It was kärlekstårar. So it was quite nice. It gets a little therapy here, ” he says. SEE ALSO, Magnus Carlson of mourning: "Fully cracked"


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