Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lasse Berghagen is set after the heart problems – Expressen

Lasse Berghagen was forced to set the behaviour – because of the surgery.

Sing-along at Skansen-the profile is now on sick leave in a month.

” I have operated a flap in the heart. It has came in a couple of years, ” says Lasse Berghagen.

The popular Sing-along at Skansen-profile Lasse Berghagen, 71, has been set a performance on board a Viking Line cruise. The reason is that he was forced to operate on the heart.

Lasse Berghagen talks about the operation:

” I have operated a flap in the heart. It has came in a couple of years. If a flap is not working, so you do not get sufficient oxygenation in the body. So it has been a tough few years.

The missing clapper has now been replaced with a valve from a pig.

“I’ve got a grisklaff,” says Berghagen and laughing:

” Nöff, nöff. It was local anesthesia so I saw how they brought it all.

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Berghagen: "the Operation went really well"

He had surgery at the Karolinska university hospital in Solna.

– the Operation went great. They are skilled in which on the Thorax at the Karolinska. But it is a little strange, I have never been sick. I have set six times in 52 years. Now I had to set up two jobs. I must rest after the operation, ” he says.

Berghagen is on sick leave and expect to be vacant in a month.

Lasse Berghagen tells us that he suffered from the failing aortic valve in several years. He has had trouble walking and he has been forced to stop because of shortness of breath and chest pain.

“I have got their lives back,” he says about the surgery and notes:

– Now it should be cooked and ready. I’ll just rest me then I start to exercise and go to the gym again.

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Bob Dylan-greeting

Berghagen fits in to send a greeting to this year’s nobel prize before he ends the call.

– Bob Dylan owes me 50 bucks. I was the tour manager when he was here in 1966. He borrowed it of me, but I never did again, ” he says, laughing.

Lasse Berghagen would perform together with the host Ulf Elfving on board the Viking Rosella.

“It was a week ago that I found out that he wasn’t able to go,” says Ulf Elfving.

Lasse Berghagen was replaced by actor Börje Ahlstedt.

” It was a great day for Börje Ahlstedt was brilliant. But I hope that Lasse will back to the spring. For then we run again, ” says Ulf Elfving.


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