Sunday, October 30, 2016

Here drink she blood – in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet

A mouthful of blood and immediate shock.

the American, Anna LoPinto was not prepared for the fact that one of the ingredients in SVT’s program "Everything for Sweden" would be really blood.
– I thought that it would be salt water and food coloring, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

In the second episode of "Everything for Sweden", the Swedish series in which ten Swedish-americans seeking their Swedish roots, it shall be repaired pitepalt, blodbröd and most highly regarded mushroom. Before the cooking gets the americans a chest with ingredients. Where in there including a bottle with blood.

A discussion ensues around whether or not it actually is really blood in the bottle and the participant, Anna LoPinto, 26, decides to taste the contents.
– I assumed that they would not put real blood in the coffin but when I took a sip, I was very surprised. It was lukewarm and was definitely blood. I thought it would be salt water and food coloring, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

She continues:

” It was terrible. But I only took a small sip. I drank it like it was ‘moonshine’. SEE ALSO PLUS She left her husband after ‘All for Sweden’

"Is not a scary vampire"

Anna LoPinto tells us that she is working and has worked on several ranches which have made that she is not especially lättäcklad.
– I have seen animals be spayed. On a ranch you are very close-knit with the animals and their life – and-death process, so it is not the first time I am close to the animal blood. But I am not a creepy vampire! I’m not looking for up blood. SEE ALSO PLUS So it went – after the 'All for Sweden'

Thumbs up for blodbröd

Someone who was more lättäcklad was the participant, Jason Blohm, 50, who thought that Anna was sick that drank the blood and reacted with to go and vomit.
– Jason is wonderful and I adore him but sometimes you have to be tough.

Despite blodchocken the participants appreciated blodbrödet. Jason included.
– It tasted good. Of all the dishes we tried was blodbrödet one of the easier to eat. Paltens texture was a little slajmig but I don’t know if we cooked it just right, ” says Anna LoPinto.

Section two of the "Everything for Sweden" airs Sunday October 30 at 20.00 in the BBC1. sweden Erica: "coming out changed everything"


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