Saturday, October 22, 2016

Little Jinder deserves a military medal of bravery – Aftonbladet

Tommy Nilsson’s classic turbofrisyrer.

Jill Johnson’s emotional "Open your door" and one of the strangest hits of the tv programme’s history.

It was simply the best the season premiere in several years.

Little Jinder deserve a military medal of bravery. To dare to tackle Tommy Nilsson’s infamous sexballad "I want to have sex with you" is like trying to stop a speeding X2000 with the forehead — the chances to survive are small.

But unlike the original, where the word "wild rose" included, went there to listen to Jinders cover without run, head straight through the shame pillow. Version had used the opportunity of her latest album, "Everything sucks".

the Performance was not worse by the fact that she had custom-made clothing, where the words "end" and the comically misspelled "ludder" shouted straight into the camera. Little Jinder always places their sockermelodier in a multi-layered context.

She is yet more proof that the music’s ideas and image is more important than to sing like a trained proffsvokalist. And there is never any reason to complain of the artists and adds a little poison in a program that has been vaccinated against bad vibrations.

Danny Saucedo surprisede also. Thanks to him, probably the impossible to happen. Tommy’s old pudelband Easy Action get a hit in 2016. It is a bit like 220 Volt would top the Spotifylistan for christmas.

Slyly enough based Saucedo his cover of "Talk of the town" on another song that has already been streamed millions of times — "Can’t stop the feeling" by Justin Timberlake.

While Jill Johnson delivered the episode’s mandatory, läppdarrande devotion with the "Open your heart" ("Open your door"). Johnson showed how much heart and feelings in her when she releases her kitschy Nashville-country and is itself. Genuinely touching.

But, of course Freddie Wadling deeply missed on many levels. He had a completely different weight than the other participants. And what his voice can do with a man was possibly the tv viewers see a glimpse of in the trailer on the second episode where the friend Magnus Carlson sit and panikgråter at the dinner table.

Freddie Wadling is, however, very present in this season anyway. A whole section is about his music and achievements. Participants may also listen to demoinspelningarna that Freddie did before he died. Between commercial breaks grows a subtle and nice memorial up on a performer, artist and human being that deserved greater attention.

Tommy Nilsson was the beguiling and likable through and through. But I would have liked to know more about his "rock’n’roll"-life. What’s consisted of? And was disappeared soulrocken from his "French period" that loomed past?

And when Danny Saucedo says that Nilsson has so many good songs it becomes once again clear that we humans living on different planets.

now, If Tommy Nilsson could really lean towards a massive låtskatt he would hardly have needed to sell his tail for a lakritschoklad to get to sit in Nyhetsmorgon on TV4.

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