Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Miriam Bryant sues his former manager – the Express newspaper

Miriam Bryant is in conflict with his former manager.

Now does the beloved artist company Stereoscope Music Scandinavia.

Miriam Bryant, 25, is suing his former manager. It appears from a lawsuit which the artist’s legal representative submitted to the Stockholm district court.

the Dispute is due to the Stereoscope Music Scandinavia, Miriam Bryant previously worked with, requires compensation of Miriam Bryant’s concerts, despite the singer said of the agreement.

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a Total of requires the Stereoscope Music Scandinavia ten per cent of the revenue from Miriam Bryants concerts despite the fact that you have not been involved in the booking. In practice, this means that Miriam Bryant will be forced to pay the money both to their old booking agent as well as its present.

In their lawsuit, writes Miriam Bryant’s lawyer that the agreement between the singer and the Stereoscope Music Scandinavia was signed in 2012. Miriam Bryant was 21 years old and was assisted by a lawyer.

“Miriam, Bryant did not do any detailed analysis of the avtalsinnehållet and any negotiation of individual clauses in the agreement were not made,” it says in the lawsuit.

After a while, however, Miriam Bryant dissatisfied with the collaboration and chose to terminate the agreement.

“Miriam Bryant gradually became dissatisfied with the cooperation with the Stereoscope and lost confidence in their agent. The reason was, inter alia, that the Stereoscope is not reported income in a timely and accurate manner,” it says in the lawsuit.

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the Dispute will now be settled by the Stockholm district court.

Miriam Bryant broke through in 2013 with the single “Push play”. In the same year, she released her debut album “Raised in rain”. His really big break she got when she was in TV4:s program “So much better”. Since then she has released the singles “Black car”, and “Game”.

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