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Scocco: ”They are cult – really looking forward to see how it was to end” – Aftonbladet

Suddenly the flaws Morran and Tobias out in song.

the Duet has specialskrivits – by Mauro Scocco.

– I always find it interesting to do something a little different, ” he says.

On Wednesday, the film with the iconic characters Morran and Tobias premiere. But already now Nöjesbladet tell you that Mauro Scocco, 54, specialskrivit a song for the film.

Johan Rheborg, 53, Robert Gustafsson, 51, makes the title roles as the mother and son in "Morran & Tobias – a gift from above". And biobesökarna can look forward to the film’s climax, when mother and son suddenly and unexpectedly burst out in song. Everything you didn’t know about "Morran and Tobias" PLUS Dissen the Mystery of ake’s death Kattliket and sexdockan the Fear of jätteakvariet

be Revealed in the end credits

First, in the film’s closing credits, it appears that the duet "You are the way I go" has specialkomponerats by Mauro Scocco, with lines of text as "the Trip we did, was anything than perfect. But I don’t want to have the’, in some other way".

Rheborgs and Gustafsson’s characters sing about how, in society of misfits mother and son-the constellation still thrive with each other, regardless of how life would have been able to see out.

– I always find it interesting to do something a little different and Morran and Tobias is the cult I understood, when I told friends and acquaintances about this request. I’m really looking forward to see how it ended, ” says Mauro Scocco to Nöjesbladet. SEE ALSO Exclusive: Check out the new clip from the Morran & Tobias

"We are very proud"

According to Johan Rheborg, it was obvious that the issue at this Mauro Scocco.

” We wanted to do something unexpected with Morran and Tobias. Something that also reinforced their strong ties and mutual love. The first thing we thought of was, therefore, Mauro Scocco. He is the best and we are really proud over that he said yes. We sincerely hope that both he and the audience think about it. SEE ALSO PLUS the House was burned down two times: ‘Is cracked’

the Cult

the Characters Morran and Tobias was first seen in a sketch of the SVT:s series "American humor" in 2013 and quickly became iconic and widely quoted with lines like "Bubben, it draaaar". Later returned Rheborgs and Gustafsson’s characters in a tv series in the SVT.

Robert Ashberg, 64, has previously told Nöjesbladet he was so anxious to get to play against Morran and Tobias that he paid the money to get a role in the biofilm. When the now premiere on Wednesday, is seen Ashberg in the role of korvgrillande neighbor, one of the few roles in the film which have story lines, with the exception of Morran and Tobias.

Nöjesbladet have searched Mauro Scocco, and even Johan Rheborg and Robert Gustafsson via film. SEE ALSO Johan Rheborg: "Morran" was born through a cold


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