Saturday, October 22, 2016

Johan Malmberg: the Century kärleksopera – Helsingborgs Dagblad


Operadramatiken around a Birgit Nilssonfestival on the Bjäre was not what Mathias Clason desired.

It compensates he is now by far when he will be the man to make the opera by Ebba Witt Brattströms “the Century kärlekskrig” – the anticipated story, which many read as a biographical story about a feminist beacon who hunsades of the Academy (operaälskande) the permanent secretary in the rear closed doors. Can it be more opera than that? No, it can not, of course, and it also realized the always alert Mathias Clason, librettist and opera director resident in Billesholm, which transformed the book in record time and got Vattnäs konsertlada in the Valleys to bet on the set with the premiere this summer.

“I have been clear vis-à-vis the Awards to the male protagonist needs to be strengthened up. He needs to be a more mellow character than just stupid and mean as in the book,” says Mathias Clason who also think the book’s rhythmic verse been easy to transfer it to the libretto.

no matter how successful the project becomes, it may be interesting to note that Mathias Clason in a short time gathered together not only Witt Brattström, but also the composer Paula Malmborg Ward, director Niklas Hjulström and an impressive ensemble cast. The idea father is happy to debate as Clason brought on this kultursida in the winter when he sniffed the dissatisfaction with how Birgit Nilsson sidsteppat him as the artistic director for a Birgitfestival in the making. If operaentusiaster can the pilgrimage to the little Vattnäs at Orsasjöns beach – what will it have become of the wager to the celebration of the Birgit Nilsson’s centennial in 2018 as a Clason fine received.

Smoke the chance there and then to make the Bjäre to Bayreuth?


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