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Jill Johnson thanks for all the tributes – Expressen

Jill Johnson recognized Tommy Nilsson’s hit "Open your door” in the premiere of “So much better".

Now thank her for all the tributes.

"Completely bemused by all the love and my own emotional storm," writes the artist on his Instagram.

Jill Johnson recognized Tommy Nilsson’s song "Open your door" in the Saturday premiäravsnitt of "So much better". Country singer chose to interpret one of his biggest hits by linking to her own separation from her husband.

Jill told in the programme that the interpretation is addressed to all couples who got married to the song for twenty years ago – and she wonders in the program and how it went for them.

” I have been with the same man for 20 years. And I have had to fight for our love many times. I can feel: what happened with all these pages of love – 20 years later? she said in the programme just before she takes the stage.

Tommy Nilsson was noticeably moved after the singer’s interpretation.

– Now got the song new life. I looked at her that she meant every word he said in the program.

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Jill Johnson: "Absolutely dizzy with love"

Now, thank you Jill Johnson for all the feedback after her performance. On her Instagram, she published a black and white selfie, in which she writes: "Yes, Lord God, what a weekend and what a night! Completely bemused by all the love and my own emotional storm! Thank you from my deepest place".

the Image has received over a hundred comments.

“Splendid interpretation, the opened my door and the tears just flowed," writes a user.

"A wonderful interpretation of an old favorite song. You are an amazing artist," writes another user.

"An absolutely stunning interpretation. It really went straight into my heart, and your wonderful voice lifted it even more. So lovely to have you in the program this season," writes a third user.

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Jill Johnson would like to sing in English

Jill Johnson told at the press conference before that she wanted to sing it in English.

” I think I sing better in English. And I wanted to leave the original in peace. It is untouchable. I wanted to go further, to do something else, said Jill Johnson during the press conference.

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