Thursday, October 27, 2016

The gas station” is timeless screwed knasighet – Aftonbladet


"the gas Station" takes the stage and recognition to a new level.

Favoritnumren from the tv series works perfectly when Roy and Roger will be musical.

But it is more than golden oldies. This is a timeless screwed knasighet. Madness, simply.

It is enough that a family will enter in the blue tracksuits for that the audience should rejoice. Can all the text to "You have to have caravan". Everyone can also smile when 60-year-old Knut Agnred is a 15-year-old confirmation that want a synthesizer, dad.

The familiar, and repetition is a cornerstone of humor. "The gas station" celebrates 30 years and is still a very popular fnissfest.

Through the six tv-halvtimmarna is a ongoing storyline and recurring characters, which makes "gas Station" is a great fit to move to the scene.

Charlott Strandberg do all female roles very well, and Lasse Beischer replacement Peter alfred hershey, who died in 1997. Among other things, the Opelsökande man with the same intensity.

Among the vardagsrealismen, ostmackorna and programmes is a surreal playfulness. A song about why you should have men with lösmustasch in their luggage. A drumming tankare.

Many comical strange customers coming to the Roy Rogers workshop. Mackägarna may often act incredulously staring stone faces when they meet people that in different ways dealt with the engines, and widgets are bad. Many skimp with money.

- Sicket fölk, as Roy sighs again and again.

A frukostblues to Tom Waits tones and rockin Roy on the ford taunus. The show’s big romantic ballad called "It’s the water pump, Gerd". The song is a brilliant wrestling match between fordonsmekanik and relationship problems.

In applådtacket we also filmlåten "Gõtt on the living." It is in this society. SEE ALSO "the gas Station" makes a new comeback


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