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Bohman and Norén is the year Augustfavoriter – Expressen

the Nominations for the August prize in 2016 is clear. Jens Liljestrand sees the Swedish newspaper Expressen Therese Bohman as a lågoddsare to take home the prize for her novel “Aftonland”, in competition with veteran Lars Norén.

“22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and then win always Germany.” The classic quote, attributed to the british footballer and now expertkommentatorn Gary Lineker, would be able to apply in August:

18 the author chasing 100 000 sek in a month and then always wins P O Enquist. Or Kerstin Ekman. Or Bengt Jangfeldt.

But this year does not match the old truth. Among the nominees this year, it is just bilderboksförfattaren Eva Lindström (see above) who is a veteran in this context. When neither the Sara Stridsberg and Jonas Hassen Khemiri has been released with something new and Augustfavoriten Steve Sem-Sandberg something surprising has ratats of the jury, is to leave the field (or pitch, if you like) open to parnassens agile rookies to show their deceptions.

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Andrzej Tichý (“Misery”), Lina Wolff (“The polyglotta lovers”) and Linda Boström Knausgård (“Welcome to America”) are all writers who for several years has been popular with the critics but so far never received it where the really big publikgenombrottet.

the Same can’t be said of Ann Jäderlund (“the Deep, love, no”), which since the 1980s has been one of Sweden’s most esteemed and award-winning poets. Get raises enough eyebrows for the nomination; however, it is incomprehensible that Augustjuryn continues to pliktskyldigt nominate one book of poetry each year, despite the fact that no poet has won since Tomas Tranströmer took home the prize with “the sad gondola” in 1996.

Win? It makes Therese Bohman “Aftonland” (hooray!) or Lars Norén for “En dramatikers dagbok 2013-2015″. Two books that actually have a lot in common, not the least is characterized both by an uncompromising love for the art.

What I miss? Each year, usually the jury, to highlight at least a debutant, and I would like to have seen, for example, Tone Schunnessons “Tripprapporter” in the category. And some had Ola Larsmos “Swede Hollow” earned a nomination. But it had perhaps done certainly bonnierförlagen’s domination too troublesome.

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Among the important Swedish exhibitions, I expect Niklas Orrenius (“the Shots in Copenhagen”) and Elisabeth Åsbrink (“1947″) as favorites. Two inalienable essäistiska reports that both provide perspective on our times of fundamentalism and radicalisation, one through the historical prism, the other by a close study of the Lars Vilks, as a human being and phenomena.

With that said, fackbokskategorin always something of a mystery in a time where fact and fiction blend together – what is it, for example, that allows Noréns diaries are classified as fiction?

the Other nominees non-fiction is “Gutenberggalaxens nova” by Nina Burton, “the Arctic” of the Felix Heintzenberg and Ole Jørgen Liodden, “Oblivion library” of UKON and “Fattigfällan” by Charlotta von Zweigbergk.

On 28 november we know.


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