Friday, October 14, 2016

Still no reply from Bob Dylan – the Express newspaper

Bob Dylan is this year’s nobel prize in literature.

But a day after the Swedish Academy, Bob Dylan as laureate, he has not been able to get hold of.

the Swedish Academy has spoken with Dylan’s agent and turnémanager, says Odd Zschiedrich, kansliansvarig at the Academy, to AFP.

the Swedish Academy revealed on Thursday that this year’s nobel Laureate in literature is the american recording artist, songwriter and writer Bob Dylan, 75. A day after the award was announced, the Swedish Academy, talked with Bob Dylan’s agent, and turnémanager, but not managed to get hold of the american songwriter.

” It is very unusual. It certainly has never occurred to someone has been quiet for so long. When the south Coetzee was dial-up in Chicago was at half past five in the morning so he shouted, just no no No!, but when he had eaten breakfast he said Yes, yes, yes!. But Dylan is the heltyst so far. It is unique I would think, ” said Per Wästberg, member of the Swedish academy to SVT news.

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Bob Dylan did not mention the price during the show in Las Vegas

During Thursday night played Bob Dylan in Las Vegas, but you should not have mentioned the Nobel prize during his gig. According to the Washington Post should Dylan not have said anything at all during the whole of Thursday on the prize he has won, writes the Daily Mail.

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be Congratulated by Barack Obama

The 10 december ceremony in Stockholm, and yet it is thus unclear if Bob Dylan will show up.

Bob Dylan is congratulated by recording artist Bruce Springsteen, who on his official Facebook page has posted a hyllningstext where among other things, he tells of an emotional meeting with the idol. In 1997, Bruce Springsteen the chance to thank Bob Dylan for his music when he performed a cover of Nobelpristagarens song “The times they are a-changin”. During the performance put Bob Dylan in the audience after the receipt of culture – and an honorary award, Kennedy Center Honors.

“Bob Dylan inspired me and gave me hope,” writes Bruce Springsteen.

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