Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cher: ”I have never really loved Cher” – Aftonbladet

the international star Cher, 70, do not think about their artistjag.

In an interview with Today she tells us about about they cool the emotions.
– I’m not a big fan, ” she says in the interview.

Artist Cher has attained the age of 70, and is heading out on a new tour. In an interview with Today, she says that she is not ready as a performer yet.
– My voice is still very good. I am active and run around and can still have my costumes, ” she says in the interview. SEE ALSO PLUS "maybe I was a useless lover."

Despite a new sparkling tour recognizes the Cher to her feelings for herself as an artist is not especially hot.
– I have never really loved Cher. She is okay, but I’m not a big fan, ” she says.

In the interview tells the world how she feels about aging.

” I look in the mirror and see this old woman looking back at me and have no idea how she got there. If I put 70 candles on my cake so I’m going to blow the skull of me, ” she says.

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