Sunday, October 30, 2016

Magnus Carlson’s tearful date – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Magnus Carlson looked forward to his own day in the “So much better” before a birthday. He was one of the first artists that were invited to the program and didn’t know who else would take part. But he hesitated as never before to say yes.

” I knew I wanted to be with. When you have been at it as long as I have, it is here such a thing you want done before you die, ” he says, describing the recording as “camp wired with cameras”.

” It was a much greater experience than what I thought when I said yes.

Perhaps more than any other came Magnus Carlson time of the program that is characterised by the Freddie freddie’s and henryk’s demise, because the two were close friends previously. In his section, it will be particularly emotional when Magnus Carlson may hear your friend make one of his most popular songs.

“It was a strange situation to go there a week after he went away,” says Magnus Carlson and call freddie’s and henryk’s interpretation of his song for “the finest gift I have received”.

the Section begins with a serious tone as Magnus Carlson engages the whole gang in a civic activity. But the atmosphere also becomes more hilarious, when the artists will arrange a surprise for him.

” Everybody was incredibly nice, no one was an ego or a diva. I think that we will keep in touch for long, ” he says, and says that it quickly felt natural to be so close to each other. The long inspelningsdagarna did that he forgot the cameras.

– One may well hope that the man is a good man, you can’t fake anything, you can’t go around and play a game in ten days. But it was not needed, we enjoyed each other.


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