Monday, October 24, 2016

Gustafsson and Rehborg, if the damage during the filming of ”Morran & Tobias … – Aftonbladet

Kulsprutesplitter, kotförskjutningar and a motor which cut into the bone.

Sjukbesöken became many during the filming of "Morran & Tobias – like a gift from above".

“Yes, it did hurt a lot at times,” says Robert Gustafsson.

Both the Robert Gustafsson, 51, Johan Rheborg, 53, did most of their stunts themselves during the filming of the new "Morran & Tobias"-the film.

It also resulted in a number of visits to the doctor.

“I got some kotförskjutningar for example,” says Robert Gustafsson.

– Johan would throw a chair in the back on me. It was made of balsa wood, one of those stuntstol to crumble. But it was not made to be crushed against a body, but against a wall so it was too thick so I got some blood in the back and somebody kota…

Injured by kulsprutesplitter

Robert Gustafsson was injured by a machine gun which was used during the recording. Despite the fact that it was loaded with blanks so he got shrapnel in the face.

I got the splitter from loose shots from the machine gun, which got stuck in the cheek, it came shrapnel that got stuck. It happened a lot that kind of stuff, very abrasions, sprains, and stuff like that.

Johan Rheborg happened to also bad when Gustafsson was struck with a motor in the hands.

– I, or Morran, lay in a bathtub filled with dough which is mixed with an outboard motor. I said to Robert: "you cut the outboard one meter before the tub for you may not come any closer". SEE ALSO PLUS the House was burned down two times: "Is broken"

the boat’s engine cut out in the leg

But when Rheborgs nature lifted your legs in the bathtub to make room for the boat’s engine was the accident is still ahead of the game.

” I don’t know if Robert interpreted it as an invitation to run down the engine. It went in all the cases down in the bathtub and I flew up.

But it was already too late. The rotor cut into the Rehborgs legs.

“It was scary,” he says.

He had to sew.

” Yes, I got to sew a little. It looks like a werewolf has torn me here on the leg, but now it has healed.

In retrospect, laughing both Rheborg and Gustafsson for the damage.

– In some way, you want to be as well. It is much more fun to do it yourself you want to believe it when you see it. It is still worth it in the end, but there and then makes it just hurts and is very tedious, ” says Robert Gustafsson. SEE ALSO "the First half hour is pretty awful."


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