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A cool and strong-willed actress – Gothenburg Post

Howard Hawks film classic To Have and Have Not (1944) is an erotic charge between Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart who gets the big screen to vibrate when a bitch Bacall to the slightly awkward Bogart says: If you want something then just whistling. You know how to whistle-don’t you? Just put your lips together and … .blow.

Bacall, I like a lot. Because she was an independent and mega-cool actor, of course. Because she was completely uninterested in becoming a helpless cog in the Hollywood machinery.

It was Howard Hawks’s wife Slim who discovered the model Bacall on the cover of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar and thought this nineteen year old girl should get a movie chance. As she thus got in To Have and Have Not. Undeniably a flying start to their careers.

Bacall, who quickly got the nickname The Look, married Bogart in 1945 They made three more films together, the best by far is the hard-boiled The Big Sleep / Sleep (1946), based Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe novel.

The Independent was she said. The film company Warner Bros., as she signed a contract with, offered movie roles Bacall did not met the challenge and turned down again and again. It ended with Bacall were first fined, then she got fired.

All movies with Lauren Bacall is not really good, but of course, she should have been Oscar nominated much earlier than 1997, for his role as Barbra Streisand’s mother in The mirror has two faces.

Probably a nomination for its long life, but Bacall had no plans to quit.

Ten years ago, the lucky encounter The Look in Trollhättan, where Lars von Trier’s Dogville recorded. She also continues Manderlay (2005). She was eighty bast and still pretty as a picture.

Bogart died of cancer in 1957 during Bogarts fight against the disease was Bacall at her husband’s side rather than on film sets.


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