Thursday, August 21, 2014

Petra Brylander becomes sole theater – Sydsvenskan

As Sydsvenskan told yesterday becomes Jesper Larsson, who has led the Malmö City Theatre along with Petra Brylander since 2008, president of the new culture of the company Malmo Live, starting this autumn.

In connection with the appointment of Petra Brylander to CEO and theater.

– The audience will not notice anything but I will need shoring, such as a vice president, she says.

Petra Brylander and Jesper Larsson has worked together as directors of Malmö City Theatre for seven years and will continue to coach each other, she says.

– We have done so much over the years. We have developed and reorganized the theater, international collaborations initiated and implemented many large projects. I want to continue on that path.

As president of Malmo Live Jesper Larsson will have four artistic directors under him: the head of the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, one of the commercial arrangements, one for the cultural program and one for what is known as meeting places.

– Malmo Live should feel like a concern for everybody. That is the big challenge, especially in Malmo that has such a diverse population, he says.

The decision to appoint Jesper Larsson CEO of Malmo Live summarizes the municipal government on September 3 and the following day appoints Malmö City Theatre Board Petra Brylander CEO of Malmö City Theatre.


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