Saturday, August 16, 2014

So here is the new Idol season – Aftonbladet

The old jury is back in the “Idol”.

Kishti Tomita, Daniel Breitholtz, Peter Swartling and Claes af Geijersstam set against Laila Bagge-Wahlgren, Alexander Bard and Anders Bagge in the fall.

– I’m asstolt about some of our people get a little bit in this competition, says Breitholtz in the program.

Original jury is set against the new jury when” Idol “kicks off again.

When talent program 10 celebrates its centenary, TV4 has changed the rules and called in Kishti Tomita , Daniel Breitholz Peter Swartling and Claes af Geijersstam to challenge Laila Bagge-Wahlgren Alexander Bard and Anders Bagge .

– The idea is that we want to come up with such potential stars as possible. If it leads to a competition between juries so so be it, says the Pelle Porseryd , executive producer of “Idol” on TV4.

Found Darin

Tomita , Breitholtz, Swartling and af Geijersstam have via the “Idol” earlier found talents as Agnes Darin Danny Mans Zelmerlöw Loreen and Amanda Jenssen .

Now they get the chance to again show what they can do. With special tickets, they may appoint a talent, just who they want, directly qualify for the live qualifying week.

There, the original jury four selected to be against Laila, Bards and Bagge’s talents.

the first episode of “Idol” is Daniel Breitholtz clear that he sees it as a competition, and not only against the new jury.

– I’m asstolt about some of our people get a little bit in this contest. But I’m a bit happier about my runs a little longer than yours, anyway, I have to admit, he says.

But when Nöjesbladet reaches Kishti she does not know of anyone contest between juries.

– This is not some jury or competition between us. This is all about talent, fully focused on the performers. Then it will be always the best, she says.

No pronounced contest

But “Idol” executive producer is not so sure.

– There is not an explicit competition, but it is perhaps difficult to avoid it becoming that, says Porseryd.

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