Monday, August 11, 2014

SVT stops Athena Farrokhzad – Swedish Dagbladet

According to SVT was Farrokhzads sommarprat for politically and is not consistent with the show set up.

Anders G Carlsson, project manager for “sommarprat are” told the newspaper that the decision not to include Farrokhzad in the program does not suggests anxiety from SVT’s side.

– Her piece of the puzzle do not fit into the puzzle we add. “Sommarprat are” will also be broadcast on several months and then it’s here now too, he says.

On the issue of Farrokhzad should not get involved just because her sommarprat caused so much discussion responds Carlsson:

– Now I have unfortunately not heard the program. I have only read about it. But we are not looking to create debate. We make a call programs.


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