Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Queen of the Way Out West – Aftonbladet

Gothenburg. A Norwegian Swedish electronic union becomes the blazing finale of the festival.

Slottsskogens luminous queen named of course Robyn.

Robyn and Bergen duo Röyksopp had worked together before, both on Röyksopps album “Junior” in 2009 and on Robyn’s “Body Talk pt 1″ the following year. But once the last year decided to record more music together, it was not least that both Robyn as Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland felt a little lost, both in life and their musical careers.

New ideas

The joint project was a kind of sanctuary where they could try out new ideas. Late last spring, they released the EP “Do It Again” and the song of the same name has penetrated our collective popmedvetande since.

Way Out West is the only Swedish stop on the ongoing joint world tour and the show develops into a generous and solid finale to the festival in Castle Forest.

Neon Yellow raincoats

Röyksopp initiates, in neon yellow raincoats and hats reminiscent of KLF ‘s early 90 speech. Above all, they bring another one of Norway’s largest popbegåvningar, Susanne Sundfør . She found plenty of soul in the cool sweeping inlet Pope, not least in “This Must Be It”, which Röksopp originally made with Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife .

But how nice duo’s danceable electronic melancholy than is appears as warming as fast as Röyksopp after 40 minutes hands over to his Swedish colleague.

She slips into a kind of tens-Ziggy Stardust in red plateau-top, silver shorts, Bowie -spretigt hair and a hockey sweater that could have been designed by a Japanese artist.


– I have so much energy tonight so I do not know where to do it, she cries.

There is no lie. “Be mine” is a pure storm, “Love is free” is bootyshaking and boomchickaboom-turn, and then follow the rather crunching disco-with-tears-in-eyes-trilogy “Call Your Girlfriend”, “Dancing on My Own ‘ – goosebumps when the crowd sings the chorus myself – and “With Every Heartbeat.”

this is our most internationally acclaimed entertainer in recent years become almost ridiculously obvious tonight. She has total control.

But it’s actually when Robyn and Röyksopp make common cause in the finals as the front-awaited show highlights really loud.

The three embeds scene in strobe lights, lasers, image projections and madness. Röyksopp-men sliding around in silver hoods and Robyn Amar on a podium. “Sayit” is like an updated Kraftwerk with raw sex appeal. “Monument” feels like a futuristic art Instillation, in a good way, and the confetti exuberant “Do It Again” is pure celebration.

There is a musical union you want to see more of, and a grand finale at the eighth edition of Way Out West.


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