Monday, August 11, 2014

Christian Falk buried today – Aftonbladet

Swedish music elite bade farewell to Christian Falk.

Tears flowed when the musician’s daughter spoke to her father.

– He said he no longer felt alone, said Vanessa Falk in the church.

“Daddy always said that he has no family.”

began Vanessa Falk , 28, his speech at Christian Falk funeral.

Some of Sweden’s best known musicians gathered in Katarina Church in Stockholm yesterday to bid farewell to the highly-acclaimed musician.

Among other things, Robyn Timbuktu Titiyo Petter and Kleerup which produced the music together with Christian Falk, was present. Even Joakim Thåström and the other band members from the Empire, where Falk was the bassist, was in place in the church as quickly filled to the brim with friends, family and colleagues.

“have felt abandoned “

The ceremony was also marked by strong music, but the speech was artist Vanessa Falk. Together with Sahara Widoff, 35, mother of Christian Falk’s youngest daughter, she spoke for the first time about his father’s loneliness and illness.

– He has felt abandoned. When Dad got sick they told me not to wear myself out of the hospital, but I wanted to be there for him to show that he was not alone, said Vanessa Falk in his speech.

“Did not feel alone anymore”

the end became Christian Falk receptive to support and love from the next, she told us and fought against the tears.

– In one of our last conversations, he said he no longer felt alone. Eventually dad receptive to that he had a family and he was loved, said Vanessa Falk.

Christian Falk was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last winter, and died on 24 July, two days before his sommarprat aired in “Summer in P1 ‘.

“He managed to get all the love”

The program tells the deceased musician about the long musical career, the absent parents, the tragedy of his son’s suicide and disease.

– For those of you who heard his sommarprat and, worried that he has not received all the love he had around him, I would be saying that you do not need to worry. He managed to get all the love he needed. Before, Vanessa Falk ended his speech.

The ceremony ended with the mourners said goodbye to Christian Falk to the tune of the song “7 Seconds”, as he has been in and produced.

In his sommarprat Christian Falk says that despite it never got any cred for work on the hit song.

– I still have not seen a single copy with my name on the record, said he in “Summer in P1 ‘.

Christian Falk was 52 years old.


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