Thursday, August 14, 2014

A low-key story of our DNA heritage – Aftonbladet

When Svante Pääbo was little he met his father in secret only on Saturdays. His father is the professor was in fact married and had another official family, who did not know about Svante’s and his mother’s existence.

One could imagine that this approach could feed a lot of bitterness in a certain age. But Svante Pääbo tells the Summer in P1 that his mother taught him that one should be happy for what you get, rather sorry for it not to be. And he makes it sound very obvious.

Mapped Neanderthal DNA

The mother had come from Estonia in 1944, and half of her high school class had died in the war. Viewed in this perspective, was a professor absent-father not the worst. The program reaches its strongest point when he talks about the special symbiosis between an only child and a single mother and his voice burst when he plays a song in her memory. But for the most part, Svante Pääbo’s article summer program a low-key but interesting review of his mapping of the Neanderthal DNA. Still we carry on a percentage of the primeval human genome, as peoples over a period mingled with each other. But what was it that made the Neanderthals died out

Fear led to prehistoric people dead

Svante Pääbo’s article theory is that they do not necessarily have to have been less intelligent than we are. However, they were less able to carry knowledge further. And they were not as reckless – they never crossed the water where they did not see land on the other side. He raises the interesting question – how we had dealt with the Neanderthals, who only 2000-3000 generations away, if they still lived side by side with us? Had we put them in zoos – or otherwise discriminated against them? Or had we been large enough to respect them for their uniqueness? Somewhere opens the program in a call and desire for love and respect that goes beyond all boundaries and divisions. And anywhere where one feels a strong sympathy with the researcher Svante Pääbo.


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