Monday, August 11, 2014

Actor Robin Williams death – Aftonbladet

Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams has died.

According to data from the American police he should have taken his own life.

He was 63 years old.

The Oscar-winning American actor and comedian Robin Williams has died. Several American media reports that the 63-year-old actor found deceased at his home in California. According to the same American media – and a press release from the local police – to be Robin Williams taking his own life.

Dog of asphyxiation

In the press release from the police in Marin County should have received an alarm call that Robin Williams was found unconscious unconscious at 11:55 local time. When the man came to his apartment in Tiburon, California, he breathed no more. Currently doing the police coroner judged that Robin Williams died of suffocation as a result of a suicide. The final autopsy report is not finished yet.

“My heart is broken”

In a press release from his wife Susan Schneider, she writes that the family is in deep mourning after the death announcement:

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend. Meanwhile, the world has lost one of its most beloved artists and people. My heart is broken.”

“We also hope that people will not focus on his death, but on the countless occasions of joy and laughter that he gave to millions of people. “she continues.

Led by depression

Robin Williams has previously told in several interviews that he has been addicted to both cocaine and alcohol. As recently as July this year, the actor himself into an alcohol clinic. The actor has also had problems with the heart, which he had surgery in 2009.

Robin Williams agent Mara Buxbaum writes in a press release that the actor has battled severe depression recently.

“It is a tragic and sudden loss.” she writes.

While United States President Barack Obama commented during the night Williams death in a press release:

“He came into our life as an alien – but came in the end to touch every part of the human soul., he made us laugh., he made us cry. Obama family sends its condolences to Robin’s family, his friends and all who found his voice and his verse thanks to Robin Williams. “

last picture of her daughter

On July 31, Robin Williams published his last picture on Twitter and Instagram. The black and white image shows him with his daughter Zelda Rae in her lap during the late 1980s. Under the picture, he wrote the following comment:

“# tbt and congratulations to Miss Zelda Rae Williams: A quarter of a century old today but always my little girl. Congratulations, love you!”

Robin Williams leaves behind wife Susan Schneider and children Zachary Pym, Zelda Rae and Cody Alan.

During his long career, he has appeared in films such as “Good Morning, Vietnam,” “Dead Poets Society “and” Good Will Hunting “. For the latter film, he was rewarded with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.


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