Friday, August 22, 2014

TV4 profile Lasse Bengtsson SR – Aftonbladet

Lasse Bengtsson will be the new host of “P4 Extra” with Lotta Brome.

It has given him performance anxiety.

– She has put very own stamp on the program that I have a responsibility, says Lasse Bengtsson.

From War to the radio studio.

Now Lasse Bengtsson , 62, host of the P4.

Along with the popular Lotta Bromé 49, he will lead Swedish Radio “P4 Extra.”

Lasse Bengtsson has worked as a reporter for the “echo” and is best known from TV4, where he led the “Lowlands” and “TV4 news.” In 2010, he left the canal for work information coordinator for the “Swedish Committee for Afghanistan” in Kabul, Afghanistan.

– Lasse Bengtsson is one of the nation’s most experienced presenters and we are delighted that he accepted the invitation, saying Lotta Mossberg , channel manager at P4 Radio Stockholm, although she previously TV4 profile.

“Keep on practicing”

Lasse Bengtsson and Lotta Bromé will broadcast two programs were each week during the fall.

How are you?

– I keep on practicing right now because it is quite different to the TV, but yet So far I have not screwed up too, he says.

Lasse Bengtsson acknowledges that it will be a bit nervous to do a program together with Lotta Brome.

– Lotta’s a unusually popular hostess with a very own style, which I will not try to imitate, says Lasse Bengtsson.

“happens a lot in the world”

Do you have performance anxiety about running together Lotta Bromer?

– Of course I have it, she is doing great and has put a special stamp on the program that I have a responsibility, says Lasse Bengtsson.

The program mixes fun things with heavier elements is something he appreciates.

– There is so much happening in the world now and I are engaged in war torn countries, but I’m open to all subjects, says Lasse Bengtsson.

On Monday, he makes his first program when he interviews the cross-country skier Charlotte Kalla , 27.

– I made one of her first interviews before she hit it , so it feels a little special to interview her again, says Lasse Bengtsson.

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