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“Tjo and planetjim, the west coast right through our country. There is space for everyone, but everything is the same. All of Sweden sings, everyone is your friend, type in Germany, 1935 “For those not previously acquainted with Mattias Alkberg he described as a poet, rock star, fembarnsfar, pragmatic anarchist and Lulebo. From here he puts the state of things in words, often with a sensitivity and sharpness that can not be found in any other.

“Southern Sweden” is the name of his new band – with members Les Big Byrd, In Solitude and etheric body – but also the title of a collection of more than minute long punkmolotovs (well, eleven of the thirteen tracks clocking in at under two minutes). Musically, the album mil from the most interesting Alkberg have accomplished (then you have to take into account that this is his eighth solo album, that level tend to be ridiculously high and many nuances). But it is rather the lack of layers and nuances – both musically and lyrically – that is the strength here.

In a climate where we are knatar around as our own brands and where most turned into stupefying “tjofaderittan” -debatt responds Alkberg & amp; Southern Sweden with the same inflated tone. The cranks intense and angry towards everything. SR, DN, SD, sitting government, patriarchy, police and Södermalms mediehipsters that activates itself by pressing “like” – all they get a bout of the ladle.

“Southern Sweden” is in no way something groundbreaking punk albums, but once a liberating flamsigt abyss roar from a forgotten place.