Friday, August 15, 2014

Ulf Lundell: “I wrote letters to Ranelid – not pointing out my place” – Aftonbladet

Next is celebrating folk pensioner Ulf Lundell 40 years as an artist with an anniversary tour and new songs written in the sauna.

But first:

– We pry alliance government.

A combine harvester chews his way across the field. At an altitude some distance away visible sculpture towers at KivikStrand Art Center (kukmätarkullen, as Lundell says) and late summer serenity begins to settle over the National Stenshuvud. It’s beautiful.

tell people

– In July, the Gran Canaria here in the park. It tältas, it fired, dogs running loose. But I go over there and tell them when I’m home. I have said that I should work as a park ranger, but has not asked for any badge yet, he says with a smile.

A few autograph hunters will find out here to the farm, but usually he gets to be in peace.

– When Belinda Olsson was here with an SVT programs and searched for me, she was using Bear Ranelid . Then I wrote a letter to him. He feels certain that it’s fun when people come and want to get books signed, but the point of not fucking out my place.

“Hard to live in Sweden”

tour schedule has given a few days’ resting at home in Kivik and Ulf Lundell serving coffee with cardamom in her studio. Summer setlistor – like the two last records “Clean damned” and “Trunk” – reveals a politically charged rock artist, and in September the temperature is increased further with their own “whale.”

Late yesterday afternoon published Ulf Lundell a utttalande where he goes on the attack against the ruling, center-right government:

– Personally, I think it has been difficult, at times bordering on unbearable, to work and live in Sweden for the past few years, the need for change, artist writes in the press release.

Three club gigs are booked: in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm in the middle of burning valspurt. The third concert will be at Debaser Medis election day on 14 September.

– The shows about the anger and frustration over what has happened in the last eight years. The sale, embezzlement, split. It’s not just me who is sick of sifferexercisen, more money in your wallet and order in the finances. Now we need vision. And love, he says.

Ulf Lundell voted for the Green Party in the European elections but does not support any specific party with the three gigs. But on the other hand pretty obvious what he does not support.

“That’s nasty”

– I am both high earners and entrepreneurs, so I ought to be moderate or a liberal. Or maybe centrist. But, Annie Loof for me is Margaret Thatcher and Margaret Thatcher loved Pinochet . So every time I see Annie Loof, I think of General Pinochet in dark sunglasses and his arms crossed over his chest and now the bastards are we clear. It’s nasty, he says.

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