Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Williams video to cancer woman – Swedish Dagbladet

Vivian Waller, who is suffering from lung and liver cancer, had made a list of ten things she wanted to catch up with before she died. One of the items was a meeting with comedian Robin Williams. Unfortunately, she was too ill to cope trip from his hometown of Auckland in New Zealand.

But when a friend, according to The Telegraph, contacted Robin Williams, he agreed to send a video message in which he says: “Hi Vivian … it’s Robin Williams here who say Hey girl, what’s happening down there in New Zealand? I’m sending all my love to you … check off this from your list. “He concludes by sending a kiss and says,” Much love to you baby. “

Vivian Waller’s husband says she was delighted with the video. She is still fighting against his illness and has not been told that Williams is dead.

Robin Williams was found dead at his home in California on August 10th. Here is the video greeting.


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