Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Anna Takanen leaving Gothenburg – Gothenburg Post

Gothenburg City Theatre’s artistic director Anna Takanen leaving his post to become the new head of the Stockholm City Theatre.

– There is a chance I do not want to go missing, she says to the GP.

Anna Takanen since 2006 has been the artistic director and vice president of the Gothenburg City Theatre. Now she has been appointed to succeed Eirik Stubø as head of the Stockholm City Theatre. The contract she wrote on Monday night.

– It came as an offer quite recently, after the holidays. The last few weeks I have and Benny Fredriksson (CEO of the Stockholm City Theatre) talked intensely. It has gone quickly, but I have not hesitated, says Anna Takanen.

During his nearly nine years as manager in Gothenburg, she has gained significant experience in managing a city theater and left a distinct mark on the repertoire.

– It has been a fantastic year, instructive and challenging. But when you have been head of a place this long, it is natural that we move, she says.

She has received job offers before, but the timing has not been right, and she has enjoyed working for the good of Gothenburg.

This time, the feeling was the right one, and in March the next year she moved to Stockholm. In the fall she will work scattered days on his new job, while she completes the work with its own set of native land in Gothenburg.

– The premiere on February 20 will be my last day, she says, trying to put into words emotions.

– It is with a sorgetår in one eye as I leave the Gothenburg City Theatre, and with a tear of joy in the other eye as I will be the new director of the Stockholm City Theatre. But my heart is in Gothenburg.

With Karnataka’s removable ends a manager carousel in Stockholm theater world. In Gothenburg, growing a head of the carousel at the City Theatre, where the theater’s managing director Ronnie Hallgren just left to become the new head at the Gothenburg Opera. He is succeeded in the fall of Bear Sandmark.

Anna Takanen is not worried that the theater will be damaged by the turmoil.

– The artistic institutions have traditionally been characterized by different managers at different periods. I think there are many exciting candidates that can drive an artistic ambition and be interested in the audience.


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