Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bingolottos last chance “- Aftonbladet

Now is the last chance for “Bingolotto.”

Creator Gert Eklund judge the program’s future.

– You have made too many mistakes , then it’s hard to get back the number of times, say “Bingolotto” -grundaren.

Ingvar Oldsberg , 69, draws in like a storm over “Bingolotto.”

Longer air time, more crazy elements and a talk show sensation to save the program and attract more and younger viewers.

But “Bingolottos” founder Gert Eklund , 69, is concerned about the changes.

He believes that the program risks losing its soul if you do it for anything other than a game program.

– I wish Ingvar luck, but I get a little scared when he’ll add a half-hour interviews. It’s not the players’ favorite feature, I can tell right away, he says.

Lacks soul

In the program’s heyday it attracted around two million viewers each week. Last season attracted the regular programs that best 280,000 viewers and worst 165 000th

From his home on the Spanish Costa del Sol saw Gert Eklund last year’s edition with dismay. He lacks the program’s soul – the game itself.

Eklund says that “Bingolotto” gone from a drawing program for the game to an entertainment program.

– It does not seem as if anyone cares about, and may, lottery. The only thing you look at it all around. What was done last fall was unsightly bad when it comes to winning presentations. They had missed all that excitement is about. It feels as if someone there can not be this topic, someone who has too much influence, he says.

is the last chance for “Bingolotto” now?

– I would sadly suspect. They have made too many mistakes and then you lose your persona. Then it’s hard to come back how many times.

Åsa Sjöberg is the program director for TV4. She rave about Ingvar Oldsberg.

– He is so synonymous with “Bingolotto” with Gothenburg and homey unit. It was “locomotive” who was first out but it might as well have been Ingvar.

Hope you on a Ingvar effect now?

– Yes we do, I have to say anyway. Of course, she says.

After last year’s poor viewing figures, she wants to see more viewers.

– If the program continues to be in line with the previous, it’s okay, but it is clear that one could wish for more viewers.

offers his help

Gert Eklund says that who is the host of little importance. The most important is that you focus on the game. He offers his help channel if they do not manage to find viewers.

– I feel like this program, I created it. I have many ideas but when the premise is that they are listening.

Åsa Sjöberg embrace of Gert Eklund’s criticism.

– It’s a good point and we will have with us , she says.

“Bingolotto” premieres tonight at 18.30 in the seventh with Ingvar Oldsberg as hostess and Robert Wells as a conductor.


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