Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Not a cloud in the sky in the Carling Summer – Aftonbladet

Yes, my God, how great and wonderful a person can have it

I do not whine bitterly, but in the jazz musician Gunhild Carling summer program in P1 was not a cloud in the sky.

The people around her are amazing. The family, which also represents her band, are extremely talented. Her husband realizes all her dreams. And not only that – she lives in a wonderful house, with great neighbors, a wonderful garden, which even has its own waterfall

In the way of an interesting story

One might get the urge to choke himself with a clarinet fordral for less. Not that you can not have it good and that life must go on rails – it is well just fine if it does (although the use of the word “wonderful” for this year has reached a maximum in the public service offering.) Nor so that required – preferably in tears – must turn in and out of their biggest life traumas in “So much better” style. It’s just that it feels like everything amazing stand in the way and obscures another, very interesting story, which I think Gunhild Carling has to tell and I would really love to listen to.

Tribute to jazz

What was it like to grow up without television and become jazz saved at age seven? There was never any problem with it? What she was talking and Bill Clinton really about when they met? And there really was not anything more to tell from behind the scenes of Let’s Dance, than that it felt like getting smacked when she went out of the program? To hear about the experiences Gunhild Carling done when she made it through difficulties and setbacks in life, had given summer program a much-needed balance. But perhaps it was never her intention: Instead, the program was one big celebration of trad jazz and swing. And although I like the best fusion myself, I have to agree that much of it was very good.


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