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Now rages against Costa Rica trailer for the premiere on Sunday. – Aftonbladet

TV4′s humor program calls making a comeback.

Now rages Costa Rica against the trailer for the premiere on Sunday.

– The taunting our country symbol, says Ambassador Manuel Antonio Barrantes Rodriguez, according to AP.

On Sunday makes TV4 humor classic ‘Parliament’ comeback after a three year break.

The Comeback presented in a trailer with humor skits that right now goes into the canal.

But all do not underestimate.

In the clip played namely Costa Rican national anthem, which brought the country to see red.

– Viewers got in touch via our Viewing Service and Facebook about this. The attention then all the way to Costa Rica, their embassy in Oslo contacted us and asked why we used it, says Anders Edholm on TV4.

“A grave smädning”

He believes that everything depends on an error.

– We had no idea that we were using their national anthem. We had this song in our music catalog and thought it was a beautiful if grand song that suited the trailer.

In the afternoon have fadäsen cabled out as a world first.

Ambassador Manuel Antonio Barrantes Rodriguez tells the AP that he sees the trailer as a “grave smädning of the country’s national symbol.”

– We feel insulted. It is terrible to use an anthem as background music.

Ber country apologized

TV4 is one repentant and promise that the music will not be used for “Parliament” premiere on Sunday. The channel is now asking the Costa Rican people apologized and sent apologies to the ambassadors of both Sweden and Norway.

What can you do to make it not happen again?

– We’ll try to keep track of what is or is not the national anthem, says Anders Edholm.

Is it in your catalog what is the national anthem and not

– I do not know.

You can then ensure that you do not use any country’s national anthem?

– In all cases not Costa Rica, we promised them.

Stenmark and Harnosand

In one of the cartoonist Jan Stenbeck Marks infamous enrutingar ran a woman in full panic on a forest road. Under the picture were the words: “It was not a lone madman. That was the whole Harnosand. “

It got to the city to light while Stenmark shook his head.

” The idea that an entire city can be hurt has actually never crossed my mind. “

Karlstad rage against TV3

 Lena Melesj & # xF6; Windahl (S). Lena Melesjö Windahl (S). Karlstad municipality plastered into SEK 150 000 in the TV3 soap opera “Wermland forever” in hopes of attracting young people to the countryside.

111 000 persons benched himself to watch, a frail figure found municipal governance.

Opposition Council Lena Melesjö Windahl (S) went even further – and demanded that the municipality would claim the money back.

Russia against Melodifestivalen

The f & # XE4; rgsprakande intermission in Eurovision finals in 2009 were Russia to see r & # xF6; tt. & # x201D; Tr & # xE5; ngsynta and f & # xF6, r & # xE5; ldrade stereotypes & # x201D ;, said Anatoly Kargapolov, Russian Embassy spokesman in Sweden. The colorful interlude in the Eurovision final 2009, Russia to see red. “Bigoted and outdated stereotypes,” said Anatoly Kargapolov, Russian embassy spokesman in Sweden. Photo: SVT A bear. Kosackdansare. Challenging girls with red star on her panties. Mafia figures.

As portrayed Russia in the video for the song “Tinker Bell Goes Russia”, humor collective Grotescos halftime entertainment during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

The Russian embassy in Stockholm drew not a smile:

– An event such as the Eurovision Song Contest would not take place in a country where the Mafia controls. Nothing in the element can be linked to Russia, it only creates prejudice. I see it more like a bad horror movie, said the embassy’s press officer Anatoly Kargapolov to echo.

After the game became somewhat chaotic. SVT’s project manager Ronnie Lans sent flowers to the embassy as an excuse – but SVT then pulled back the apology.

– He regrets that they took offense at that and wanted to mark it with this gesture. But because it has been misunderstood and seen as some kind of public action by SVT line, then it has become an unfortunate misunderstanding. So it was never thought on his part, either, said Helga Baagøe, Communications Director at SVT.

The Russians chose to never make a formal diplomatic protest.

– It’s a singing competition and we do not make it a political thing, said Anatoly Kargapolov.


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