Friday, August 22, 2014

TV4 forced to apologize – Trailer Västerbotten Courier

TV4 has been forced to ask Costa Rica apologize. The reason is that the country’s national anthem is played in the trailer of humor program “calls” that on Sunday the revival after a three year break.

Costa Rica has made a diplomatic protest to Sweden, arguing that the trailer, with, among others Babben Larsson, Petra Mede and Pia Johansson, taunting the country’s national symbol.

– Viewers got in touch via our watch service and Facebook about this. The attention then all the way to Costa Rica, their embassy in Oslo contacted us and asked why we used it, says Anders Edholm at TV4 Aftonbladet.

In an apology posted on the channel’s website writes TV4 that lacked “aware that this was Costa Rica’s national anthem.”


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