Sunday, August 17, 2014

Now, no longer able to say that Ninjas in Pyjamas are not the best. – Aftonbladet

The tears. There are tears that says everything about how eagerly awaited this victory was.

You are not the best if you do not win the biggest tournaments.

Now, no longer able to say that Ninjas in Pyjamas not the best.

The producers of ESL must have good contact with whoever it is that controls and sets the small and big things to happen in this world .

After a tournament that has offered so much, in terms of attendance records and amazing highlights, they get a final where the greatest team ever who never won anything big in the end makes it .

The dramaturgy writes itself. It need not be fired on by, certainly brilliant, commentators who pours hyperboles crisscross.

It is enough to watch the scene and see Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund sit there in front of a enormous trophy, with his face buried in his hands.

It is enough to see how Emil “Heaton” Christensen, Ninjas in Pyjamas godfather, rushing up to the stage with tears in his eyes after His team took the biggest win ever for understanding.

Email the sport does not get bigger than this, when humanity behind these people sitting hidden behind monitors most of the time, shines through.

After talking NiP on the heavy time they now left behind. How the end of a long, perhaps too long, the holiday came back and found himself overtaken by the opponents. How they returned from London with their tails between their legs and confidence more twisted than Peter Forsberg famous feet.

The community has sentenced them out, but it shits Ninjas in Pyjamas. When Robin “The Hustler” Johnson will be condemned by all “who knows the game,” and he even jokes about it on the stage after the semi-final, then you know one that does not work like any other law.

Fnatic fought long to reach a level where they really can fight for titles. Although they won at DreamHack Winter 2013 results have not really turned up after that, and the enlistment of Olof “Olofm” Kajbjer and Freddy “Krimz” Johnson turned out to be a really genius.

It would have been so easy for NiP to bow to pressure and kicking hustler, to bring in someone who might win more crucial rounds. But why would they do that? Now they stand as the winner anyway. Who did the best? Team, or any other

– We have “FIFF” in our law for a reason. If we did not think he did enough, he would not be on our team. It will linger until he stops before leaving NiP, GeT_RiGhT said after the victory, and it says a lot about where they stand on this.

Now NiP bought to work in peace. No one will complain about them in a very long time after this demonstration. And now the question is how good they may be using Faruk “pita” Pita , which was hailed by all in the organization after the victory. “Pita” effect is real, even if he himself does not want to take the credit. But after some critical time-outs and subsequent twists think he has a major part in the victory than he thinks.

The biggest effect ESL One in Cologne will be on CS: GO -scenen, except that everyone realized that there is something called “eco-round” anymore, because of the CZ-gun, is that most teams will want to have a tactical leader. A relief for the team captains who shouts out orders crisscrossing during the match. For ninjas gave such results after a few weeks. Now the rest of the top teams locate their own “Pita” or Jonathan “Devil Walk” Lundberg .

Did I say it was proposed a new viewing record

Oh yes, it is too common nowadays.

Over 400,000 contemporary viewers wanted to see NiP bringing home the first major victory.

E-sport is here to stay.


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