Friday, August 22, 2014

Weiland: The police tricked by a doppelganger – Expressen

The fans can relax.

After reports that Stone Temple Pilots former frontman Scott Weiland is in prison will now explanation – it’s about a doppelganger.

– In fact, I’ve been out on tour, written and recorded my new album explains Weiland in a video after the police failed.

TMZ was first to report that Stone Temple Pilots former frontman arrested with methamphetamine.

the site, police said in Beverly Hills that “the suspect, former Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland member (46 years old), is in custody on suspicion of burglary and possession of an illegal substance.”

But the police were wrong.

Weiland picked shortly after police statement posting a video on his Facebook – with the words “Scott Weiland … locked up in the studio.”

– So what I want to say to our fans is that whether you think it’s funny or interesting, or you were sorry – do not worry, it’s a lie, Weiland explains in the clip.

In prison for four weeks

According to the initial information to TMZ had it that you thought was Weiland been in a Beverly Hills store, in the process of stealing razors and cosmetics.

When the man was searched they found methamphetamine.

At the arrest should he have said, “I’m Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.

The offender has been imprisoned for four weeks with a bail of 95,000 dollars, according to TMZ.

But it was then before the police realized that the wrong “Scott Weiland” put behind bars.

Was the intent to steal

Well revealed that Weiland in fact, was in a studio, it was concluded that there is a doppelganger.

His real identity is, according to TMZ, Jason Michael Hurley, 44 – who is now also suspected for supplying false information.

The reason that Hurley also suspected of burglary is that the police believe that he had the intent to steal. It is because of that he carried with him an “isolated” case – which would prevent the store’s security gates from the feel of the goods.

Scott Weiland was forced last year to leave Stone Temple Pilots. After Weiland formed his new band The Wildabouts.


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